Stefany and Merissa’s story

The fog was building up intensely and in the small town of Tamelot this was ordinary. Julia was the second oldest of all her brothers and sisters, Tinie and Bobbie were her twin… Continue reading

Asya and Amy’s story

In the town of Lino where the sun shone on the golden sand lived a girl called Amy. She was very kind and she had blue eyes which were as blue as a… Continue reading

Imogen and Sophie’s story

On a farm, in the middle of know were there lived two little girls called Phillis and Daisy, they didn’t look a like. (you would never know they were sisters.) Phillis has brown,… Continue reading

Morgan, Bradley and Tom’s story

“Stop saying that!” shouted Razor, who was running back home, “You see his family is poor!” exclaimed the boys. Razor is an 11 year old boy who is normally bullied by boys at… Continue reading

Jonell and Russell’s story

It was a very damp morning and the sun was rising into the blue sky. They were two best friends named Ross and Joe who lived on Lant Island which was not very… Continue reading

Hateem and Harry D’s story

Past the sandy Arab desert in the middle of nowhere, a lost town called Sandsea wasn’t very popular at all. An enthusiastic boy called Xyo lived there; it’s very rare if he smiles.… Continue reading

Alice and Eleanor’s story

The sun beat down on the golden frame of the battle field painting. It was Lucy’s favourite out of all the rest of the paintings she could stare at it for hours. Staring… Continue reading

Alfie, Tia and Ben’s story

Alan Brick stared at the old man slumped in the armchair on the other side of the room. “Are you ok granddad?” he enquired. Alan wouldn’t have known whether he was asleep or… Continue reading


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