Non-Chronological Reports

Miss C has created a Wallwisher to help you gather notes for your non-chronological reports. To inset an image… 1. Find the image you want using 2. Click on the image to… Continue reading

The Shell Centre

What is going on in these pictures??? Can you tell your readers what experiments you took part in? What was your favourite?

Maths Games

Next week, in maths, we are going to be learning about coordinates and shapes. Play some of these games in advance so that you can be super clued-up! Good luck!

Tales From The River Thames

We have been working with the Unicorn Theatre to write stories to be performed! The project is called Tales From The River Thames…

Tales From The River Thames

Last Friday, Year 5 (and some of Year6!) went on a walk along the River Thames to gain some inspiration for a story-writing workshop with a team from the Unicorn Theatre. Here are… Continue reading

Newspaper Reports

Can you comment and finish off these sentences? We like this report because… We don’t like this report because… Killing sharks will be banned KILLING sharks will be banned across a huge part… Continue reading

Stick man fun!

Miss C has just found this cool game! It will help you with your mouse control… Leave a comment below to let us know if you enjoyed it!

Time Word Problems

We have been looking at time word problems in maths… Jermaine found it easy because he used RUCSAC. Dean needs to practise more because he didn’t really understand it! Alize found it easy… Continue reading


Next week we will be taking a look at fractions¬†in our maths lessons. If you want to get a headstart, click on the picture below for some quick revision! If you’d like to… Continue reading

First News

Go to FirstNews, choose a story you like. Can you comment, telling us the H5Ws for your chosen article? Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? Remember to follow our blog guidelines; use… Continue reading