Then Solar Eclipse – Jane and Kaiya

This 2015 we are lucky enough to get an eclipse in UK . We do have a very bad weather of corse, but there are still many ways to get a good view… Continue reading

The solar eclipse

Friday 20th March 2015   The solar eclipse goes in front of the sun so it stops the sun providing light. The solar eclipse lasts for about ┬á5 minutes then the moon will… Continue reading

Total Eclipse! ­čîĹ. By Ruben &. Tomiwa & Charlie

Today (march 2015) on the Faroe Islands the will be a total eclipse in 100%! As the eclipse occurs the sun wil have its light completely blocked out. The reason it happens is… Continue reading

The Amazing Solar Eclipse By Apsara and Sofia!!!

The Amazing Solar Eclispe This is an amazing experience for everyone , it is extremely beautiful!!If you don’t know what Eclispe is well it is when the moon covers the sun from Faroe… Continue reading

The solar eclipse. By brandan

The solar eclipse stars at 12:00am and it finished at day time in the evder nooer.the moon is going in front of the sun and it is getting darker and if you look… Continue reading


This morning, we are watching the live solar eclipse! Today is the┬á20th of march 2015.┬áThe Faroe Islands and around north Scotland will have a total solar eclipse which occurs rarely. Its certainly is… Continue reading

The solar eclipse!

This morning , on Friday the 20th of March, we are watching the total solar eclipse in Scotland. This wonder of the solar system occurs rarely and is classed as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.… Continue reading

The Solar Eclipse By Zakariya and Arshia

This year the solar eclipse will occurs on Monday the 18th of March 2015.┬áTotality occurs in a narrow path across Earth’s surface, with the partial solar eclipse visible over a surrounding region thousands… Continue reading


the solar eclipse lasts for about 20 to 30 mins and happens when the moon blocks the Suns light.Those in central England will have best chance of seeing the partial eclipse,

brandan and tyrell story.

The solar eclips is happing tomorrow 12:00am