Home Learning 1st May


Metric Rap- Tuesday 28th April 2015

In Maths, we learnt about km, m, cm and mm. We made our own raps about the metric system and converting measurements using powers of 10. Everbody’s  raps were  amazing! In our raps… Continue reading

Home Learning 24th April 2015

Home Learning 17th April 2015

Flower Power

In science this week, we looked at the anatomy of a flower. We began by dissecting daffodils.

Friday 27th March 2015-Homelearning


Today in art, we completed our astronauts and space backgrounds. What have you enjoyed most about this project?

the solar eclipse. By Brandan

the solar eclipse is a very rare event to see on live television.The sun is like it is exploded like a very light sun because if you look at it your eyes will… Continue reading

20th March – Home Learning

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The Live Solar Eclipes

The solar eclipse is when the moon goes in front of the sun. You would need solar Eclipes glasses if you want to see it if you look at it without solar Eclipes… Continue reading