Micro-organisms Day!

Barnaby class staged a Micro-organisms day, investigating the respiration of yeast with two experiments. Miss Keer-Keer was impressed with how Tumi and Jane rose to the challenge of bread making! Frankie-Lyn and Ethan… Continue reading

Home learning 5th June 2015

Ancient Greek Mathematics!

This week in Barnaby class, Maths went topical! We loved logic problems, played with Pi and built and costed Lego models of the Parthenon. Archimedes would have been proud! Miss Keer-Keer was really… Continue reading

Mythical beasts!

This week, we have been learning, in English, about mythical beasts. Last week we wrote our own myths using our own beasts. Examples are: The Chicksharkolopasaurus, which is semi-tiger, semi-horse, semi-lizard, semi-shark and… Continue reading

Home Learning 22nd May 2015

Our amazing Magna Carta trip to the British Library!!!

The very well-read Barnaby class used their commute to the British Library to read the modern papers, before reading the 13th century Magna Carta.  Alfie reports, “It was great fun!” and Apsara learned… Continue reading

Home Learning 15th May 2015

Election 2015 – The Big Issues

Barnaby have been preparing their own election in parallel with the General Election! We have been discussing voter issues, here is our Polling Station Manager Jane with her local and national priorities:

24 Club – Beat the Teacher!

The Year 5 mathletes of 24 club raced some of their teachers to mental maths solutions. The children held their own! Miss Keer-Keer claimed a few cards and Mr Bakas will return for… Continue reading

Home Learning 8th May 2015