Year 5’s Dramatic Greek Assembly


Barnaby Market!

        Recently, Barnaby have been able to show of their super addition and subtraction using money. The whole class was split into 5 equal groups. Each team had to come up with… Continue reading

Homelearning 3rd July 2015

Peachy poetry

      One more fruity slice of learning from last week’s Year 5 project – peachy poetry! Click the link below to see Ethan in full flow:

Eat a peach!

        As many of our class mates went to France, the remaining children have been learning, about you guessed it, James and the Giant Peach. On our second day as a joined class… Continue reading

Our trip to the Science Museum!

     On our trip to the Science museum, we learnt many things. Most of us agree that the interactive experiment  room called the launchpad was an experience to remember. We blew up mini… Continue reading

A plant’s progress

This tomato plant from my garden is just like our class one, but it is a little further along in its life cycle. How can you tell? What will happen next?  Post your… Continue reading

Art Week

This week is Art Week. Here are some photos of Barnaby Class taking part in some of the amazingly creative activities arranged by the Art team.        

Home Learning 17th June 2015

Home Learning- Friday 12th June