Then Solar Eclipse – Jane and Kaiya

This 2015 we are lucky enough to get an eclipse in UK . We do have a very bad weather of corse, but there are still many ways to get a good view of the eclipse so don’t worry. For those who are not  familiar with the eclipse, it’s when the moon moves across the face of the sun and from our view on earth, it’s as if the sun turns into the moon and eventually we get a waxing gibbous and then it decreases. There is an hundred percent eclipse in Farouqe Island.

The eclipse is mostly in smaller countries meaning they get a better view. During an eclipse in the day it gets darker and darker and after the eclipse the sun will transform into a full sun. When we see the total eclipse the moon will turn into the dimond ring. A long time ago, there was a rumour in China that a dragon was eating the sun. But that was not true. Why is it darker than usual? Because moon covers the sun. The solar eclipse occurs when the moon gets between the sun and the earth. The next solar eclipse will be in 2026 but the next total eclipse will be in 2090!!