The solar eclipse

Friday 20th March 2015


The solar eclipse goes in front of the sun so it stops the sun providing light. The solar eclipse lasts for about  5 minutes then the moon will start to move away from the sun. Chinese people thought that the dragon goes in front of the sun so Chinese people go outside with pots and pans and start wacking them so they can scare the dragon away (this is what Chinese people believe.) the Hindus believe that a monster called Rahul ate the sun. But they also believe that if you bang pots Rahul will spit it out. 9:42 the sun was completely blocked by the moon. The Sun turned red as the moon was still blocking the Sun. 9:44 the sun had a huge flash then the flash disapered in a shock. The sun is back  at 10:00





By Idriz and Tarisai