The Moon-By Jane and Sophia

Over 100 years ago none was known about the moon. It was until the late 1960s, when people then discovered that it would be interesting to explore the outside world. Russia emerged with the idea to go to the moon which spread worldwide. Unfortunately, America then decided that they would like to join the chase to the moon. But of corse Russia did not like this idea. Because of this the goal of going to the moon was known as the Cold War. Lunar was a space agency in Russia they began practising and finding out if it was possible to walk on the moon. Later on they began the launch. At the same time, America’s president John F. Kennedy announced that there would be no more preparation and that the launch had to begin soon. Finally the Apollo had began their launch.

Yuri Gugari was eventually the first man in space and brought pictures back to Russia. With no notice the pictures of the moon were on the british media which was a bit of a shame since the Russians discovered the moon first. Apollo then landed on the moon and there was hope for moon rock to find out how the moon was made. However, lunar had began another lanch. This was the lunar 15. It was built to go to the moon without-risking any lives but it crashed on the moon. Suddenly Apollo brought samples of rock from the moon to earth, this was a successful mission. The Russians did not give up. They launched managed to get sand from the moon and both missions worked out well. It has been 30 years since we launched a rocket. Will we do it again or will we not? We could even live on the moon