The Moon by Hajar and Eniola

First Man To Space

40 years ago, we merely knew of the Moon’s existence but during The Cold War, we learnt much more about it. On the 12th September 1919, in an attempt to reach the moon, Russia launched a probe to the Moon which failed. But they did succeed in sending the first satellite to the moon. This gave them an advantage in the vote of The Cold War. As well as that, on April 12 1961, Russia was the first country to send a man into the orbit of space.

Race To The Moon

In one of J.F.K’s speeches, he explained that America wished to launch the first men onto the Moon. The rocket Russia launched smashed onto the surface of the Moon luckily, there were no astronauts on board. Scientists discovered that there were craters on the surface of the Moon, unfortunately they didn’t know if the craters were safe or what caused them. A probe Russia sent safely hit the Moon and took photos of the Moon which Englishmen stole as well as their data.

By Hajar and Eniola.