English In Barnaby Class!!!

This week in Barnaby class, we have been learning about Russia and how its changed from the early 19’00’s to now in the year 2015…Our dear trainee teacher,Mr Cannock has taught us (as well as our fabulous class teacher,Mr Huxley and our new full time teacher,Mr Windle)about how the proletarian workers have been treated by the Bourgeoisies like pigs and rodents who have no meaning to anyone above.On Thursday,people in Barnaby and Pickwick class who are not in choir have wrote letters of complaint to the Provisional Government explaining what they an end to and what could improve!!We had Pete on most of Wednesday and created new songs in different groups.On Friday,we (as in choir),did and finished our own letters of complaint which I am sure that the teachers cannot wait to see! A BIG ‘Thank You’ to Mr Cannock,Mr Huxley,Mr Windle and Ms Nouafasse for all their hard work in this topic.Cant wait for whats coming up next week!!!!!!!No.1 Teachers!!!!!!!!

By Tumi…