Tintin ; Red Rackham’s treasure written by Herge

Red rackham’s treasure is the following of ‘The secret of the unicorn’. Tintin, snowy, Captain Haddock and Cuthbert Calcus Cuthbert go on the big adventure to find ‘The Unicorn’ which sank 250 years ago. Sir Francis Haddock (Captain Haddock’s ancestor) blew up the ship after the Jolly Roger invaded the biggest ship of all time. They search far and wide until Mr Calcus offers them to use his fancy submarine. the submarine is designed to look like a shark because the area is full of sharks. Tintin dives down and finds 250 year old rum and Captain Haddock drinks it all. Although sharks are surrounding the treasure Tintin is able to snatch it off them and keep it. Later, when the arrive ashore, they go to Marlinspike Hall. in the bunker, there is a china globe in which they locate the island that Sir Francis Haddock was on and press it. BANG! the roof whizzes to Captain’s head and there, inside the globe is the mighty ‘Red Rackham’s Treaure’ !