Morgan, Bradley and Tom’s story

“Stop saying that!” shouted Razor, who was running back home, “You see his family is poor!” exclaimed the boys. Razor is an 11 year old boy who is normally bullied by boys at school because his family runs a café and the business is not going good. Razor ran as fast as he could and arrived at his house. This is right next to the largest mountain in Kiksville.

Razor could not believe his eyes three 4X4 Range rovers were parked in front of the café. They were the first cars that Razor had seen parked in front of the café in two years when the cafe business was going good. He heard laughing inside six men were talking to Razors mum and dad. One of them was in his thirties the others were in there forties. The next day Razor could not understand what the men were doing there.

They could be trying to rob Razor.

Or they maybe were relatives

Or they were kidnappers.

You choose Bradley