Jonell and Russell’s story

It was a very damp morning and the sun was rising into the blue sky. They were two best friends named Ross and Joe who lived on Lant Island which was not very far from civilisation. Both of them were obsessed with cricket. They were so talented they were always chosen to go to every single tournament. Ross was the smart and has a sharp personality with a sharp attitude. Joe was the skilful one who had an advantage over everyone and had an energetic attitude. Ross and Joe’s parents went into business together and opened a shop however they haven’t been so successful lately because of the heat of the sun. There was a better shop which had a better air conditioning unit in it that cooled the customers. Because of that, Ross and Joe couldn’t get see their parents because they were always so busy. But there is always a silver lining in every story because one day Ross and Joe’s favourite cricket team came to their island.

Early one morning the boys heard a racket and saw some cricket ball gliding into the air.
“What was that Russ?” asked Joe.
“I don’t know what it was,” answered Ross.
Suddenly, someone walked into the shop.

1. It was a retired cricket manager.
2. It was a customer
3. It was their favourite cricket player