Imogen and Sophie’s story

On a farm, in the middle of know were there lived two little girls called Phillis and Daisy, they didn’t look a like. (you would never know they were sisters.) Phillis has brown, straight hair; Daisy has blond curly hair, but both brown eyes. Every morning they would wake up to feed their animals, then they would go home to eat their breakfast (like every farmer does.)
Because their farm was in the middle of know were people wouldn’t come to their farm and look around to have some tea and coffee and pay money. But when Daisy and Phillis grow up, they had always had a dream that they would travel around the world looking at ill animals and making them better. Sadly Phillis and Daisy’s mum and dad don’t have enough money so they can’t have their dream because no one visits their farm. “It’s your turn to clean up the pigs den,” Daisy says,
“ No it’s your turn I did it last time, it’s your turn DAISY.” Phillis exclaimed. Oh I forgot to say that they squabble a lot. While they were squabbling, I just want to tell you somtheing else that is going to happen next weeks time, that Daisy and Phillis don’t know is going to happen.

A safari man came over to their farm and he was desperately looking for something ………….
What was it? ……….
Is there a secret he needed to tell them? That the man is there cousin? The safari man lost something? I don’t know.