Hateem and Harry D’s story

Past the sandy Arab desert in the middle of nowhere, a lost town called Sandsea wasn’t very popular at all. An enthusiastic boy called Xyo lived there; it’s very rare if he smiles. He’s more of a Goth boy as he has a skull on his hoody, he wears jeans, his shoes are black and white and his hair has as much spikes as a porcupine. “Bored, bored, bored, bored, BORED!!!”Xyo echoed. “Then go outside and do something useful for once.” yelled his mum back. Xyo turned his back on her and jumped on the computer seat as he switched it on. The computer froze. Xyo sighed and went outside.

It was a normal day for Sandsea, over 50 degrees outside. Lucky for Xyo, his spiky gave him shelter from the sun, even though his hair will burn anyway. He then spotted a market trader looking familiar.

You choose:
• He hides something
• Going to destroy Sandsea
• Going to help Sandsea