Asya and Amy’s story

In the town of Lino where the sun shone on the golden sand lived a girl called Amy. She was very kind and she had blue eyes which were as blue as a crystal clear ocean, she had long blond hair, which was very messy in the morning but cooler than anything she had a horse that was as fast as a cheater and very strong and it was called Jessie.

One day in the city of Lino Amy’s mother came home with exiting news. As Amy’s mother yelled “Amy I have got to tell you something” As Amy heard her voice she came rushing down the creeky old stairs .When Amy eventually came down her mother said “I am having a baby.” Amy was surprised very surprised. A few months later the baby was born and they names it Jessie after Amy’s favourite horse. A few days later when the baby, her father and her mum and herself where at home Amy had no attention and she was all alone so she went out side looking for a adventure. As she was walking on the pavement she glared round and noticed there were no cars anywhere to be seen. Suddenly, a very mysterious car appeared then a clown came out. Amy had never seen a clown before so it was quite weird but she knew something was weird about him. He had a secret. She could see it in his eyes.

1. He was magical.
2. He was afraid of the light
3. He used to work in a circus