Alice and Eleanor’s story

The sun beat down on the golden frame of the battle field painting. It was Lucy’s favourite out of all the rest of the paintings she could stare at it for hours. Staring at the painting was more fun than looking after her sick brother, who was resting. Her brown hair slipped over her eyes “I better check on Jack” she said to herself sweeping her hair over her ear. She walked past their shop entrance and in to the side house, which was attached to the shop. (She could hear her parents chatting at the shop till.) Lucy slid up the side stairs tiredly. Checking on her brother she brought him some snacks for him when he wakes and she ran down the stairs into the tiny car park; it wasn’t really much of a car park and it only had enough space for two cars. She went and sat on the wall.

Then her mother appeared at the shop entrance she hadn’t even noticed Lucy was sitting watching her. Lucy’s mother looked sad like she had lost hope for Jack and the shop. Suddenly a voice echoed across the tiny car park
“Love there is a man on the phone who wants a chat with us” shouted Dad she returned to the shop and that was that.
“What you can’t close us down,” shouted Mum on the phone we were done for!

Three choices:

Suddenly a Famous artist shows up and sees Lucy’s great art work and he wants her to paint for him,

Lucy’s family become poor and have to leave to move to London,

Lucy’s family become poor and have to live on the streets.