Alfie, Tia and Ben’s story

Alan Brick stared at the old man slumped in the armchair on the other side of the room.
“Are you ok granddad?” he enquired. Alan wouldn’t have known whether he was asleep or dead. He didn’t really care. He was sick of the sight of that stupid old man. Gnarled fingers gripping the arms of the chair so tightly that the knuckles were white.
Alan had loved his granddad before it happened. Before he got dementia. Before he couldn’t even remember the name of his own grandson.

“Alan!” Mum’s shrill voice echoed through the house, “Get off that computer now!” With a sigh, Alan closed down the Apple brand website and, with one last wistful look at the poster of an Apple Mac taped to the wall, switched off his Toshiba laptop. Alan had been obsessed with Apple ever since he was small. But his family couldn’t afford anything as expensive as that. He had once saved up enough money to buy an exclusive remote control fish ( The Apple Mackerel) off Ebay by washing cars but that was it. Slowly, he went downstairs and sat at the breakfast table. All of a sudden his dad burst into the room.
“Major emergency!” he shouted.
“What, what?” Mum gibbered as she rushed downstairs from granddad’s bedroom, a pair of his trousers clutched in her hand